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Calacatta Gold Slabs A Versatile and Elegant Stone

Calacatta Gold slabs are an excellent choice for a stunning and long-lasting natural stone for your house or business. They will undoubtedly bring elegance and class to any setting. These are massive slabs of natural stone mined near Carrara, Italy, from the Apuan Mountains. They are distinguished by a white backdrop with golden and gray veins.

Calacatta Gold slabs are a type of marble that is widely sought after for its beauty and durability. They’re also popular for sculptures and other works of art. Calacatta Gold slabs are a rare and expensive stone, but they are well worth the expenditure for people who value their beauty and quality.

Polissage Marbre

Our Calacatta Gold slabs from Marbre De Carrare are the typical classic Italian polished white marble. Our Calacatta Gold slabs have beautiful grey and gold veining and are of the greatest quality. These slabs, which are available in a variety of thicknesses and pricing points, tend to move quickly and are often difficult to get at the quality level we require.

The Specialty of Calacatta Gold slabs

Calacatta Gold Italian Marble

Calacatta Gold slabs are often regarded a luxury investment in interior design projects due to its high value and restricted availability, providing a sense of opulence and refinement to both residential and commercial environments. With white, brilliant and creamy marble with hints of gold and grey going through the veins, this is one of the classic Italian white marbles that has been used in places and private homes for generations.

The best variety is typically said to come from the Borghini quarry, while other stunning selections can be found in nearby quarries. Many white and golden stones from all over the world have been given the name Calacatta, but the genuine Calacatta Gold slabs come from Italy.

Key features of Calacatta Gold slabs

Color: These are white in color with golden and gray veins. The veins can be rather noticeable, giving the slabs a distinct and appealing appearance.

Durability:  These are particularly long-lasting stones. They are resistant to heat, stains, and scratches.

Finishes:- They can be polished, honed, or leathered in a variety of ways. The slabs’ overall appearance will be influenced by the coating.

Rarity: Calacatta Gold slabs are a rather rare and costly stone. The price depends on the size, thickness, and finish of the slabs.

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